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Mobile Use Ramps Up Among Small Businesses

Mobile Use Ramps Up Among Small BusinessesA new survey from payroll processing firm SurePayroll shows that small businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile technology. The study, which queried owners of companies with 1-10 employees, shows that 80% say they’re leveraging mobile technology in their business operations.

We see the increase in mobile use from our customers, as many of them do payroll for their businesses straight from our mobile app,” said Scott Brandt, vice president of SurePayroll.

And we can all see how our phones are a constant part of our daily lives now. It only makes sense that business owners are using the technology for business a larger percentage of the time.”

The survey also looked at mobile technology platform choices, asking small business owners whether they use Apple or Android devices for business purposes. Of those surveyed, 58% said they use Apple for work and 32% said they use Android devices. It’s a sharp contrast to mobile users across the globe, as a recent Business Insider study found Android had a 78% share of all international users. Only 1.6% in the SurePayroll survey said they use Blackberry and just half of 1% use the new Amazon smartphone.

We asked people why they used the platform they chose and with Apple, the word that came up over and over again was ‘easy.’ Small business owners tend to be responsible for so many aspects of the business, the more simple and streamlined things are, the better,” said Brandt. “The people who use Android talked more about flexibility, price and compatibility. It really comes down to your comfort level with the different operating systems.”

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